Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

Express Care Overview

Mayo Clinic Express Care offers convenient walk-in and virtual video visit care for more than 25 common health concerns, as well as eight types of vaccinations. Care is available for patients 18 months through 75 years old unless otherwise noted.

Scheduled appointments are available via your Patient Portal for face-to-face (F2F) or virtual video (VV) visits. Drop-in visits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis (sign up on arrival). Learn more about the Mayo Clinic Express Care North and South locations.

To ensure you receive the care you need at the appropriate location, please utilize the Check Symptoms assessment tool in your Patient Portal on the web or the Mayo Clinic App. This tool is available to Mayo Clinic patients in Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin regardless of age. If you do not have insurance and are unable to cover the test cost, inquire about billing options when you call.  

The cost of an appointment for Mayo Clinic Express Care may be partially or completely covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance carrier today. Laboratory and other services may add to the cost.

Language interpreting is offered for non-English speaking patients at no charge. 

For Mayo Clinic patients, visit details are included in your Mayo medical record so your primary care providers can follow-up and coordinate continuing care.


Mayo Express Care diagnosis/treatment options

VV = virtual video visit; F2F = face-to-face visit

  • Acne [VV or F2F]
  • Bladder infections (females, ages 12 to 75 years) [F2F]
  • Cold sores [VV or F2F]
  • Cold symptoms [VV or F2F]
  • Conjunctivitis [VV or F2F]
  • Dental procedure prophylaxis [VV]
  • Diarrhea [VV or F2F]
  • Ear pain [F2F]
  • Ear wash [F2F] (no upper age limit)
  • Lice [VV]
  • Medication renewal (non-controlled and short-term) [VV]
  • Minor burns [VV or F2F]
  • Minor skin infections [VV or F2F]
  • Nausea [VV or F2F]
  • Oral contraceptives (females, ages 18 to 34 years) [VV or F2F]
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis) [VV or F2F]
  • Pregnancy testing (urine) [F2F]
  • Rashes [VV or F2F]
  • Sinus symptoms/Sinusitis [VV or F2F]
  • Smoking cessation (18 years and older) [VV or F2F]
  • Sore throat [VV or F2F]
  • Sports/camp exams (age 11 through 24, excludes chronic medical conditions) [F2F]
  • Stye [VV or F2F]
  • Suture removal [F2F]
  • Tick exposure [VV or F2F]
  • Travel-related motion sickness [VV]
  • TB (Tuberculosis) skin testing,  test reading [F2F]
  • Vaccination — as age appropriate (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HPV, Meningitis B, Pneumococcal, Shingles [Zoster], TD [tetanus], Tdap [tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis]) [F2F]
  • Vaginal yeast infection (females, ages 18-65 years) [VV or F2F]
  • Vomiting [VV or F2F]
  • Wart removal (up to 4 warts per visit) [F2F]

Mayo Clinic Express Care Online

Mayo Clinic Express Care Online offers diagnosis and treatment of over 20 common health concerns for patients 18 months old through 75 years old. This service is available 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., 365 days a year, with a one-hour turnaround during normal business hours. (Outside of normal business hours you can expect a reply by 9 a.m. the following day.) The cost of an appointment for Mayo Clinic Express Care Online may be partially or completely covered by your insurance. Check with your insurance provider today. To access this service, log on to Patient Online Services.