Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

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Your team in Primary Care strongly supports research. Our staff members participate in research studies and often lead that research. Do consider participating.

The following listing(s) are for research conducted by Mayo Clinic and the listing(s) are intended for your consideration as a member of our community.

Visit the Clinical Trials at Mayo Clinic website to find trials that you might join. Clinical trials are studies where patients with certain conditions are allocated to different treatments by random (as in the flip of a coin). To learn more about the Clinical Trial Journey view this short video, it is available in both English and Spanish

In addition, we will post additional studies below when the investigator has requested that the study be advertised directly to our community. 

  • Effects of time-restricted eating on Obesity: Comparing windows of eating to achieve weight loss in overweight and obese adults; a Pilot Study

    The purpose of this pilot study is to evaluate the effectiveness between early and late time-restricted eating on weight and body mass index (BMI), and to evaluate the challenges you experience and the effect on quality of life.

    The pilot study includes in-person visits at baseline and week 12. You will meet with study staff at each visit where vitals will be taken. You will have blood drawn at baseline and week 12 to measure fasting glucose, A1c, and lipid values. You will be randomly assigned into one of the two groups:

    • Group A: the window for eating would be between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    • Group B: the window for eating would be between noon and 8 p.m.

    You will also be asked to complete of a weekly survey to track if you followed your time-restricted eating window and a brief end of study survey.

    You may be eligible to participate if you:

    • Are 18-64 years of age. 
    • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and do not plan to become pregnant within three months. 
    • Have a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25. 
    • Do not take any weight loss medications.
    • Do not regularly skip meals.
    • Are not on insulin or sulfonylurea drugs.
    • Do not currently have a cancer diagnosis.
    • Do not have a history of eating disorders. 

    For questions regarding the study, contact the Family Medicine Research Study Coordinators via email at or telephone (507-422-6823).

  • Fiber and Diabetes (FAD) Study: Effect of Psyllium vs. Wheat Dextrin on Glycemic Control and Inflammatory Markers in Diabetes Mellitus 2

    Mayo Clinic is seeking adult volunteers with Type 2 diabetes to participate in a research study. The purpose of this study is to research which type of over-the-counter fiber supplement, such as Metamucil™ (psyllium) or Benefiber™ (wheat dextrin), has a greater effect on lowering fasting glucose, cholesterol and certain inflammatory markers in the blood. 

    You may be eligible to participate if you:

    • Receive care through Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson at Mayo Clinic. 
    • Have Type 2 Diabetes. 

    Remuneration of $20 for visits 1–3 of each in-person study visit and $100 for completing visit 4. You will also receive a parking voucher worth up to $6 for each in-person visit. 

    For questions regarding the study, contact the Family Medicine Research Study Coordinators via email at or telephone (507-422-6823).

  • Performance of Coagulation Laboratory Testing in Children and Young Adults

    The purpose of this study is to learn about the changes in blood clotting proteins as children age. 

    The study will consist of an in-person consent visit with the study coordinator and a blood draw. Children are eligible to return to the clinic for annual blood draws until the age of 18. The research blood draw can be coordinated with clinical draws if applicable. All study costs will be covered and will result in no extra charges to you or your child. We will offer payment for your child's participation. 

    You may be eligible to participate if: 

    • You are < 18 years of age. 
    • Are generally healthy.
    • Are taking no medications that affect blood clotting. 
    • Are willing to come to an in-person visit at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. 

    For questions regarding this study, contact Noelle Drapeau ( or 507-266-6397).