Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

New opportunities to be involved in a research study

1/12/2021 by Robert M. Jacobson, M.D.


Are you looking for opportunities to help your neighbors and your community? One way to make a difference is to volunteer in clinical research.

Because of volunteers like you, you will soon be able to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Despite the pandemic, clinical trials concerning various health conditions are underway. And those trials need volunteers. Take a look at the listings on the Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson website. Click "Find a Study" on the header of this page to see what is available.

Six studies are now listed. And all sorts of volunteers are needed.

One is calling for healthy teens. Another is calling for folks 70 and older. For some trials, you need a certain health condition to volunteer ― depression or common warts, for example.

Some of these studies will complete enrollment in the coming months and will no longer need volunteers. Other studies will soon start up, and they will be added on the Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson website when they are available to you.

Do not feel that you will be talked into doing anything that you do not want to do. All the research posted here is conducted by Mayo Clinic researchers. Mayo Clinic takes research seriously. All your questions will be answered. That is part of the informed consent process. And signing the informed consent form is not signing a contract. You can end your participation any time after you have signed. All of this will be made clear during the informed consent process.

We hope you will take an opportunity to review the studies and enroll. Every volunteer makes a difference in improving the health care of many.

Dr. Robert M. Jacobson, is a primary care pediatrician in Mayo Clinic's Primary Care Division of Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine and chair of the Research Operations Team for Primary Care in Southeast Minnesota. He conducts research to improve the uptake of recommended vaccines.