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5 fresh & easy dinners for busy weeknights



With summer sports and activities in full swing — not to mention work and home — you have plenty on your plate. So we've created a week's worth of easy-peasy dinners AND a complete shopping list to buy you some time. 

These five dinners will delight your entire family because they're delicious. You'll love them because they're quick, fresh and healthy.

Monday — Mango salsa pizza

Try something new to top your pizza: Mango! This recipe is a good way to get your family to try new vegetables and fruits. For a fun side dish, serve protein-rich hummus along with pretzels for dipping. 

Tuesday — Rancher's eggs

Eggs for dinner? Yes! Whole-grain tortillas and beans make this recipe high in fiber and flavor. Serve with fresh fruit salad on a bed of lettuce. 

Wednesday — Almond crusted chicken with green beans and red peppers

Almonds add crunch (and nutrition!) — that kids love — to everyday chicken breasts. For color, extra fiber and Vitamin C, add a side dish of steamed fresh green beans. 

Thursday — Beef and vegetable kebabs with brown rice

Marinating meat before grilling gives it deep flavor and keeps the meat from burning and charring. If it's too cold to grill outdoors, use the "broil" setting on your oven. Just watch your kebabs closely so they don't burn.

Friday — Sesame ginger shrimp

The easy, zippy marinade gives this shrimp an Asian flair. Serve with fresh pineapple chunks or orange sections and couscous. Try the marinade on chicken, pork, beef and tofu, or as a dip for grilled kebabs.