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The 'new' Mayo Clinic Diet



It's funny how certain times of year inevitably spark discussions about weight loss. The advent of summer and the dawning of New Year's Day are two of those times that come to mind. That's when it becomes hard to ignore the abundance of methods, programs and even drugs promising to help us shed those extra pounds. 

At Mayo Clinic Diet, we take a different approach when these discussions pop up. Instead of focusing on achieving our New Year's resolutions or obtaining a summer beach body, we aim at identifying genuine lifestyle changes that promote lasting, lifelong health. 

The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help you achieve a healthier weight by adopting better habits. The program consists of two phases — "Lose It" and "Live It." The goal of each phase is to establish positive lifestyle habits — such as exercising regularly and eating fruits and vegetables, all while breaking negative habits — such as distracted eating and consuming too much sugar. Through this program, you can learn practical, realistic and scientifically backed ways to lose weight and maintain your progress all year long. 

Best of all, our popular program features a brand-new platform that incorporates a user-friendly website and a convenient mobile app. When you become a member of the Mayo Clinic Diet, you gain access to a whole host of valuable resources. These include a 12-week course on healthy weight-loss principles, weekly meal plans with a handy grocery list, unlimited group coaching, two helpful eBooks, a private Facebook community, a food tracker, a barcode scanner and exclusive content from Mayo Clinic experts. Additionally, the program offers tailored content designed specifically for those with diabetes. 

Ultimately, the Mayo Clinic Diet caters to those who desire program flexibility while also receiving guidance from the Mayo Clinic specialists you know you can trust. Visit our Mayo Clinic Diet website for more information. 

For a limited time only, newsletter subscribers can take advantage of a special membership offer of only $19.99 a month — one of our most flexible offers. Proceeds are invested into furthering medical research and education at Mayo Clinic.