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Do you have questions about your at-home genetic test results?



Have you ever mailed off a saliva sample for genetic testing? Were you interested in learning about your ancestry, health traits or a genetic disease in your family? Do you have questions about these results or the testing you had done? 

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing, or at-home genetic testing, has increased tremendously in the last decade, often leaving people with many questions and reports that are difficult to understand. 

Mayo Clinic Department of Clinical Genomics is offering a new service to assist patients in better understanding their health-related, DTC genetic testing results. 

If you already had a DTC genetic test and found it difficult to understand your report, ask your Mayo Clinic health care provider to refer you to the "DTC Results Review Clinic."

Referred patients will be contacted by a Mayo Clinic genetics nurse who will gather information about your family health history, reasons for pursuing the DTC genetic test, and will request a copy of the DTC genetic test report for review. Patients then will be scheduled for a video visit with a certified genetic counselor. During the appointment, the genetic counselor will review the DTC genetic test report and discuss options for additional testing, if indicated. In some cases, a patient could be referred on for further evaluation and testing within the Department of Clinical Genomics, if indicated. 

Mayo Clinic Department of Clinical Genomics is happy to help you navigate your DTC genetic test results.