Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

Road construction around Baldwin Building begins May 1



Beginning May 1, road construction surrounding the Baldwin Building clinics will change traffic and pedestrian patterns for patients and visitors. These planned improvements will connect the walking subway from the Kellen Building (located to the south of Baldwin), to the subway between the Baldwin and Harwick Buildings (the Harwick is located to the east of Baldwin). 

Construction will happen in two phases and is expected to last about six months. 

During phase 1, traffic on the east side of Baldwin on 4th Avenue Southwest will be converted to a two-way flow instead of a one-way flow. There will be no pedestrian crossing Between the Baldwin and Kellen Buildings to the Harwick Courtyard. 

During phase 2, which will immediately follow phase 1, traffic will be routed to the right out of the Baldwin Building to the south. A temporary paved road will replace the sidewalk to accommodate traffic flow. Pedestrians will be routed to a new temporary sidewalk. 

Please plan for your visit to the Baldwin Building clinics and follow all posted traffic and pedestrian signage for directions.