Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

Utilize Check Symptoms assessment tool to assess COVID-19 symptoms



The Check Symptoms assessment tool provides a quick evaluation of COVID-19 symptoms, direction on whether a test is needed and how to get tested, and a recommendation for next steps of care. The tool is now available to Mayo Clinic patients in Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin regardless of age. 

Instead of calling the COVID-19 Help Line, you can use the Check Symptoms assessment to evaluate your COVID-19 symptoms. This tool is available 24/7 to patients through Patient Online Services on the web and through the Mayo Clinic app. 

The tool offers the same screening questions as the COVID-19 Help Line and screens patients for influenza and RSV as well as COVID-19. Strep throat is also included in the screening for pediatric patients. 

Using the tool

Log into Patient Online Services via the web and access the Check Symptoms assessment tool by selecting "Check Symptoms" through the tab in the left navigation bar of Patient Online Services, or by selecting the "Get Care Now" button and choosing "Check Symptoms."

If you are a mobile device user, navigate to the Patient section of the Mayo Clinic app and select "Check Symptoms" in the "Get Care Now" section. 

Whether on the web or the Mayo Clinic app, you will select "Coronavirus Screening (COVID-19), Cold, or Flu-like Symptom Screening" and answer the assessment questions. 

If you receive care in Rochester or Southeast Minnesota and meet the criteria for testing, you also can conveniently schedule an appointment using Patient Online Services. If scheduling the test is not available for your location, information will be provided about the process for walk-in testing. It's important that you select "I Accept Recommendations" and proceed to "Schedule Appointment" when testing instructions are provided to finalize the testing order. 

Patients can complete an assessment once every day. 

Refrain from experimenting with the tool

Please be aware that documentation is added to your health record once assessment questions are answered and a recommendation is provided. You should refrain from experimenting with the tool.