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Check Symptoms assessment tool evaluates RSV, upper respiratory illness symptoms



Upper respiratory infections are a common occurrence during winter. 

With increased cases of respiratory syncytial virus, commonly referred to as RSV, and influenza across the U.S., you may wonder if you should be tested. Remove the guesswork and get expert advice using the Check Symptoms tool available in Patient Online Services

When using Check Symptoms, you will answer a series of questions about the symptoms you are experiencing. These are the same questions you would be asked if you called the Mayo Primary Care Nurse Triage Line. But you can avoid any wait time on the phone and do the assessment anytime it is convenient for you. After completing the online assessment, if testing is recommended, you can use online self-scheduling to book a test. 

For most people, respiratory illnesses can be treated at home. Because confirming an infection often does not change treatment plans for the illness, tests for infections like influenza and RSV are only recommended for those at high risk for or those experiencing severe illness. 

Using the Check Symptoms assessment tool

Follow these easy steps to use the Check Symptoms tool at a time and place convenient for you:

  • Log in to your Patient Online Services account from the web or through the Mayo Clinic app. 
    • In the web-based version, click "Check Symptoms" on the left navigation list. 
    • In the Mayo Clinic app, go to the "Get Care Now" section then select "Check Symptoms."
  • Choose "Coronavirus (COVID-19), Cold, Strep, Or Flu-like Symptom Screening."
  • Answer the questions, then review and follow the care recommendations. 

The Check Symptoms tool is available to patients who have a Mayo primary care provider and have a home address in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin. 

Your health record

When you use the Check Symptoms assessment tool, the information you submit becomes part of your medical record. This can affect future medical treatment. Be sure that you log into the Patient Online Services account of the patient who's having symptoms. Of, if you have caregiver access, select the correct patient's name from the top, right dropdown menu. 

Get a Patient Online Services account

You can easily create an account if you don't have one by going to Patient Online Services and clicking on "Create your account." You also can download the Mayo Clinic App from the Apple and Google Play app stores. 

Learn more about upper respiratory illness on the Mayo Clinic website