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Carter: A recipient story



Carter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in October 2015 at the age of 7. "Carter is a fighter," Sergeant Chad Blanchette, Carter's father, said. "We are blessed that he never gave up and kept fighting." Carter received multiple rounds of chemotherapy, 18 blood transfusions and 41 platelet transfusions. He experienced a roller coaster of highs and lows as he fought his way into remission, through a relapse and then to his "re-birth."

Through it all, Carter and his family persevered, held up not only by their family but also by friends, doctors, nurses, child life, clergy, co-workers and Carter's unrelenting spirit. "He never complained about a diagnosis and treatment. He took it in stride. He made adjustments and fought," said Sergeant Blanchette. 

Blood products were a crucial part of Carter's care. Platelet transfusions gave him the boost he needed to keep fighting until a bone marrow donor was found. Carter's family urged others to sign up at to see if they were a match for Carter or any other family in need. Carter found a half match in his big sister Elena, who selflessly underwent her own procedure to help her little brother — to save his life. 

In 2022, in honor of Carter's five-year "re-birthday," Sergeant Blanchette hosted a blood drive at the Rochester Police Department. "Since my fellow officers are in the lifesaving business, I couldn't think of a better way to show our community that we care about them than to begin hosting blood drives," said Sergeant Blanchette. "People really don't realize the impact of giving blood. It's such a small sacrifice on your part to help save someone's life. 

To schedule your blood donation appointment at the Northwest Blood Donor Center or the Hilton Building Blood Donor Center, call the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center at 507-284-4475. Be sure to watch for more information by visiting the Blood Donor Program blog or the Minnesota Blood Donor Program website or Facebook page.