Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

Mayo Clinic app makes scheduling, checking results, proving vaccination a breeze



Lucas Anderson has a few things going on in his life that make time and convenience precious commodities for him. 

Lucas, a student and member of Rochester Community and Technical College's baseball team, was named to the Minnesota College Athletic Conference 2021 Spring All-Academic Team. As a patient at Mayo Clinic Health System in Southwest Minnesota, he finds Patient Online Services on the Mayo Clinic App to be a valuable tool to help manage his health care through his hectic schedule. 

"The app is easy to use," he says. "If there's something I can do on my own, I'll use the app."

When he developed COVID-19 symptoms and needed to schedule a test, he turned to the app to set up the appointment. "I logged in, clicked on 'COVID-19' and set up the appointments," Lucas says. "Pretty simple. I just followed the steps of what to do."

When he told his mom about his scheduled appointment, she had some good advice to help his appointment go smoother. 

"She told me to use PreCheck-In so I could get right into my appointment when I arrived," he says. "I logged in and clicked on PreCheck-In, right by my appointment, and answered a couple questions. Easy."

Once Lucas was done with the test, he was eager to get his results. The app came in handy once again. 

"I checked about every couple hours, and then I got the email that said my results were in," he says. "So I hit the link and checked my results."

Thankfully, the results were negative. 

Lucas also has found that the Mayo Clinic App made it a breeze for him to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. 

"I needed to show vaccination proof a couple of times, the app made that pretty simple," he says. "I didn't have to look for the slip of paper or the card — I just showed the proof on my phone. I always have my phone, so I always have my proof."

He says that he'll continue to use the app to schedule other appointments. 

"The app is easy to use, easy to navigate," he says. "Anytime I need to do something on my own at Mayo, I use the app. It's easy to pull it up and check what I need to do."

"It's this kind of feedback from patients that lets us know our work is having a positive impact," says Gokhan Anil, M.D., regional chair of Practice for Mayo Clinic Health System in Southwest Minnesota. "This digital connection through the app and Patient Online Services is an integral part of how we interact with patients. We'll continue to work to ensure that these connection points are accessible to patients and keep them digitally engaged in their care."