Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

COVID-19 Care Options - Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

Masking restrictions

As of Monday, April 10, masking is optional for patients, visitors and staff in most patient care areas. 

  • Mayo Clinic has experienced consistently low rates of hospitalizations, mortality and community transmission levels. 
  • Masking is still required in settings where patients are at the greatest risk. 
  • All eligible high-risk immunocompromised patients will be notified to wear a mask while they are at Mayo Clinic. 
  • This decision was made with careful consideration of our patients' needs and safety, and we remain dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible. 

Visitor restrictions

Beginning Monday, April 10,visitors younger than 5 will be allowed in the hospital. Mayo Clinic reminds everyone that all visitors, regardless of age, should not visit if they are ill. All visitors under age 16 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children may not be left alone in any area of the hospital. 


Unsure if you or a family member has COVID-19? Read COVID-19 symptoms and causes on Mayo

If you are experiencing symptoms common for COVID-19, find answers about your symptoms using the Check Symptoms assessment tool in the Patient Portal on the web or the Mayo Clinic App. This tool is available to Mayo Clinic patients in Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin regardless of age. If you do not have insurance and are unable to cover the test cost, inquire about billing options when you call. 

A nurse will determine what tests you need based on your symptoms, direct you to a local testing site if you meet criteria, and provide instructions for scheduling your test. 

If you have life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms, such as trouble breathing, chest pain or pressure, confusion, or blue lips and/or face, call 9-1-1 or visit the closest emergency room.

COVID-19 vaccination

Visit the COVID-19 vaccine information for Minnesota patients and residents website for information on vaccine availability in our area. We are currently vaccinating anyone age 5 and older. Schedule an appointment online from your Patient Portal or by call your primary care provider's office

You can view and print your COVID-19 vaccination record by logging in to your Patient Online Services account on the web. Once you have logged on click on "Medical Record" from the left menu. In the "Select Immunizations to print the list" sentence, click the work Immunizations. Select the print icon and then click "Print this page" in the pop-up window. 

COVID-19 Testing

Mayo Clinic recommends the use of home antigen tests. If a COVID-19 PCR test is desired, you can schedule an appointment online from your Patient Portal or by call your primary care provider's office. A combined triage and testing process is available for COVID-19 and group A streptococcus (strep throat). There will be a single process for screening, testing and sharing results at Mayo Clinic across the Midwest. 

If testing is completed at a Mayo Clinic facility results can be expected in 24 to 72 hours. Results will all be available from your Patient Portalby calling the automated Mayo Clinic Service Line at 877-838-2050. Have your Mayo Clinic number and date of birth ready when you call. If you are positive COVID-19 or strep throat, you will be contacted and advised of next steps.