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COVID-19 Care Options - Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson


Unsure if you or a family member has COVID-19? Read COVID-19 symptoms and causes on Mayo

If you are experiencing symptoms common for COVID-19, find answers about your symptoms using the Check Symptoms assessment tool in Patient Online Services on the web or the Mayo Clinic App. This tool is available to Mayo Clinic patients in Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin regardless of age. If you do not have insurance and are unable to cover the test cost, inquire about billing options when you call. 

A nurse will determine what tests you need based on your symptoms, direct you to a local testing site if you meet criteria, and provide instructions for scheduling your test. 

If you have life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms, such as trouble breathing, chest pain or pressure, confusion, or blue lips and/or face, call 9-1-1 or visit the closest emergency room.

COVID-19 vaccination

Visit the COVID-19 vaccine information for Minnesota patients and residents website for information on vaccine availability in our area. We are currently vaccinating anyone age 5 and older. Anyone age 13 years and older can schedule an appointment online from their Patient Online Services account or by calling their primary care provider's office

For your vaccination appointments:

  • Bring your insurance card* with you to your appointment. 
  • Arrive on time (no more than five minutes early). 
  • Wear a surgical mask. If you do not have one, wear your regular mask to the appointment and a surgical mask will be provided to you. 
  • Expect your appointment to last 10 to 15 minutes. Please be aware that persons with a history of severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) to eggs or any other substance should plan to stay to be observed for 30 minutes after vaccination. 
  • If this is your initial COVID-19 vaccine, schedule an appointment for your second dose of vaccine before leaving. 
  • Children under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to their appointment to provide consent for the vaccination. Alternatively, the child can bring a signed consent form completed by their parent or guardian. In the "Limitations" box on the form, please write "Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine."

*The COVID-19 vaccine will be free. However, vaccine administration charges will be billed to insurance. We anticipate that the fee for vaccine administration will be covered by the payer at 100% and patients will not be billed for any unpaid charges. Patients and staff will need to bring their insurance card when they receive the vaccine. 

You can view and print your COVID-19 vaccination record by logging in to your Patient Online Services account on the web. Once you have logged on click on "Medical Record" from the left menu. In the "Select Immunizations to print the list" sentence, click the work Immunizations. Select the print icon and then click "Print this page" in the pop-up window. 

COVID-19 Testing Site in Rochester

COVID-19 testing is performed at the 41st Street Testing Center, located at 3033 41st Street NW in Rochester. The testing site's hours are:

  • Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Saturday–Sunday: Closed
    •  NOTE: The testing site will also be closed Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. 

Scheduled appointments are required for testing. Please do not arrive at the evaluation center prior to calling, completing your screening, and securing an appointment time. Schedule an appointment through Patient Online Services or contact your primary care provider for screening. 

What to expect during your visit: 

  • Parking for patients of the 41st Street Testing Center is on the north side of the middle building at 3033 41st Street NW.
  • Patients will be required to wear masks throughout their appointment except as directed by Mayo Clinic staff. 
  • Visitors will only be permitted if the patient requires their assistance during the appointment.

A combined triage and testing process is available for COVID-19 and group A streptococcus (strep throat). There will be a single process for screening, testing and sharing results at Mayo Clinic across the Midwest. 

Specimens will be sent to a Mayo Clinic lab for analysis, with results expected in 24 to 72 hours. If you are positive COVID-19 or strep throat, you will be contacted and advised of next steps. 

Results will all be available in Patient Online Services or by calling the automated Mayo Clinic Service Line at 877-838-2050. Have your Mayo Clinic number and date of birth ready when you call. 

You can easily create an account if you don't have one by going to Patient Online Services and clicking on "Create your account." You also can download the Mayo Clinic App from the Apple and Google Play app stores. 

Care for patients with possible COVID-19 symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and need care, you will be offered a timely virtual visit with a provider. If a face-to-face visit is required, we have dedicated facilities for patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

If you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 or other respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath, or hypoxia) and require a face-to-face visit, please call us to make an appointment and receive instructions on where to go for care.

If you have life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms, such as trouble breathing, chest pain or pressure, confusion, or blue lips and/or face, call 9-1-1 or visit the closest emergency room.

What to expect during your visit

We have enhanced our safety measures to provide the safest possible environment for our patients and staff.

  • Please allow 15 minutes for screening upon arrival for your appointment.
  • All patients and visitors are required to wear a mask while on Mayo Clinic property.
    • Medical grade masks (surgical/procedural, KN95s, N95s) are encouraged. 
    • Cloth masks are acceptable; however, visitors are encouraged to exchange or wear a surgical mask over their personal mask. 
    • Valved masks, bandanas and gaiters are unacceptable. 
    • Visitors who are noncompliant with these requirements will be asked to leave. 
  • Patients may have two visitors with them during their appointment. Visitors must also be screened and wear a mask during the visit.
    • If the patient is a minor, two adult caregivers and any number of minor-aged children may attend the appointment.

Visitor restrictions

  • Outpatient settings: Patients will be permitted to have two visitors. Visitors may not be permitted into exam rooms, based on space and safe distancing requirements.
  • Inpatient settings
    • General visitors: Two visitors at a time, up to a maximum of five visitors. Visitors must be at least 5 years old. A responsible adult must accompany all visitors under age 16. 
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit visitors: Two visitors at a time, up to a maximum of five visitors. All visitors must be age 16 or older. Exceptions for parents under 16 years of age would be granted. 
    • Overnight visitors: At the discretion of the care team, adult patients may be grated two overnight visitors age 5 and older. Pediatric and Family Birth Center restrictions will not change. Out of medical necessity, the care team ay determine that the number of visitors in a patient's room may need to be further limited. 

Safety remains Mayo Clinic's primary focus. To protect the safety of staff, patients and visitors, Mayo Clinic in Rochester will continue to:

  • Require visitors to be masked at all times — even when alone with a loved one in a hospital room, and to comply with social distancing guidelines. 
  • Provide education if a visitor is permitted for a patient who tested positive for COVID-19. This includes explaining to the visitor the risks of contracting COVID-19 and informing the visitor about the required personal protective equipment precautions. 

Alternatives to face-to-face appointments

There are a number of alternatives to face-to-face appointments at this time, including:

Video Visits

Video consults can help you get the care you need without leaving home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how to know whether an online visit is right for you.

Our providers are currently offering video appointments to patients with:

  • An active Patient Online Services account, and
  • Access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer that has a webcam microphone and speakers.

If it is determined that a video visit is the right option for you, you will receive instructions for conducting your video visit prior to your appointment. Here are some helpful videos to introduce you to the process:

Mayo Clinic Express Care Online

Online appointments are also available through your Patient Online Services account for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common health concerns for patients 18 months through 75 years old. The service is available 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., 365 days a year, with a one-hour turnaround during normal business hours. (Outside of normal business hours you can expect a reply by 9 a.m. the following day.) For more information, visit our Mayo Clinic Express Care Online web page.