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Check Your Symptoms Anytime

Check Symptoms is a free online symptom evaluation tool available 24/7/365 to give you peace of mind. Maybe it's late, and you're wondering what to do and who to call about symptoms you're experiencing, such as a rash on your arm that's spreading and causing discomfort. The tool helps you with symptom assessment for situations like this that happen after hours but may not warrant a trip to Mayo Clinic Express Care or the Emergency Department. 

Who can use Check Symptoms?

Check Symptoms is available to patients who have a home address in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin and have a Mayo primary care provider. 

How do I access Check Symptoms?

Check Symptoms is located within Mayo Clinic's patient portal. It allows you to answer a series of targeted questions to evaluate symptoms and receive a care recommendation. The questions asked are similar to those asked if you called the Nurse Line. 

To access Check Symptoms:

  • Log in to your Mayo Clinic patient portal account.
  • Click on "Get Care Now."
  • Select "Check Symptoms."

What kinds of care recommendations will I receive?

The recommendations for care you'll receive could include:

  • Self-care instructions based on Mayo Clinic's educational content. 
  • Speaking with an experience triage nurse.
  • Making an in-person or video visit using the self-schedule feature. 

All recommendations provided through the Check Symptoms tool are evidence-based and guided by clinical protocols. 

It's important to choose the correct symptom for assessment since the Check Symptoms tool can only be used once per day unless you're checking for COVID-19 symptoms. 

All care recommendations provided and interactions with the Check Symptoms assessment tool are added to your health record. This can affect future medical treatment making it important to refrain from experimenting with the tool and using it only for actual, needed symptom assessment.