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12 tips for sticking to your healthy resolutions



New Year, new resolutions for becoming a healthier version of you. Research shows that those well-intentioned resolutions typically don't last more than six weeks. The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC), Mayo Clinic's employee health and wellness center, shares these 12 ideas to help you stick to those resolutions and reap their results!

  1. Pack your workout clothes the night before and set the bag by the door, ready to grab on the way out. 
  2. Schedule your workout times on your calendar - and set a reminder. Make it a goal that's reasonable for where you are on your health journey. Start out with one day a week and work your way up to three or more times a week. 
  3. Become friendly with the staff where you work out. Ask questions like: "How was your weekend? What do you do here? How about those Vikings?" It's energizing meeting someone new. And when you have that connection, you'll feel more committed to coming. 
  4. Relax! It's okay to take time for yourself. Enjoy a massage to clear your mind. 
  5. Allow yourself to make mistakes - missing a work out, indulging in a rich dessert - but don't let them derail you. Accept the choice you made and move on. Tomorrow is another day. 
  6. Get a workout buddy! It's much more fun to work out with someone. If you can't find a buddy due to schedules, sign up for a group fitness class. Accountability to a buddy or class is a motivator. 
  7. Use a workout or tracking app. Two popular ones are MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness that sync with each other to gather your information. 
  8. Have fun! Go for a swim, give a high five to your instructor, cheer when you hit a goal. If you're having fun, you'll keep coming back. 
  9. Make a meal plan, then grocery shop based on the plan. Not only will it save you money and time, but also ensures that you always have healthy food on hand. 
  10. Try something new. If your routine is the treadmill, try a small group training or a group fitness class. Change it up so you don't get stuck or bored. 
  11. Instead of sitting during your breaks, take a walk. Explore new areas at your workplace. Mall walking, anyone? 
  12. Remember why you started your journey and don't lose sight of it. Whatever the reason - being a role model for your children, making memories with your spouse, preventing chronic conditions, maintaining a high quality of life as you age, feeling better or being more confident - write it down for inspiration, especially on low-energy days.