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School readiness: Are your child's vaccines up to date? 

5/10/2018 by Dr. Robert M. Jacobson and Jennifer L. Brickley, RN


Make sure your child starts the school year out right by being current on all vaccinations required to attend school. In the fall, Rochester Public Schools and private schools only will allow students to start school if their vaccinations are current. You should get a message from the school if your child is behind on vaccines or due to standard vaccines for kindergarten and 7th grade. 

Check which vaccines your child has had by using Patient Online Services. If you don't have a Patient Online Services account, you also can check with your Employee and Community Health (ECH) care team. The Minnesota Department of Health also provides an outline of all vaccines required for school. There are other vaccines your child should get in addition to those required for school. Visit the ECH immunization schedule page to see all the vaccines due by age.

Please contact your health care team if you have questions about your child’s required vaccinations. Then, take this opportunity to bring their vaccinations up to date over the summer. 

Dr. Robert M. Jacobson is a primary care pediatrician in Employee and Community Health's (ECH) Division of Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (CPAM) and is the medical director of the ECH and Southeast Minnesota Immunization Programs. 

Jennifer L. Brickley is a registered nurse in ECH and is the program coordinator for the ECH Immunization Program.