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Plan ahead for prescription refills in December

12/7/2017 by Brent Ferguson, PharmD


If you need a new or refill prescription in December, ordering sooner is better than later, says Brent Ferguson, PharmD, Mayo Clinic Pharmacy. 

"Higher volumes, especially toward the end of December, usually increase turnaround times for filling a prescription," he says. "While our goal is for orders to reach patients ASAP, please plan ahead and allow seven to 10 days for mail delivery to ensure you don't run out of medication."

For prompt mail order service at the end of the year from a Mayo Clinic Pharmacy: 

  • Submit new prescription or refill orders by December 20 for billing to occur in 2017. 
  • Be aware that mail order delivery will be delayed by U.S. Postal Service holidays. No orders will be picked up or delivered on December 25 or January 1. 

For prompt service on all prescriptions: 

  • Check refill dates. The estimated refill date for each prescription is noted next to medication names on your Patient Online Services account. 
  • If authorization is needed for a refill, the pharmacy staff will contact your provider. Be aware that turnaround time can be longer when authorization is required. 
  • Use your Patient Online Services account to order refills, check order status and obtain year-end total pharmacy copay amounts for tax and flex spending account purposes. 
For questions, contact the Mayo Clinic Pharmacy where you receive your prescription refills.