Primary Care in Rochester and Kasson

Place your prescription refill online to reduce phone calls, curbside service



To improve service for all patients and to adhere to social distancing requirements, Mayo Clinic Pharmacy in Rochester is now offering curbside service at the below locations. When you arrive at these buildings with a pharmacy request, you will receive direction from our staff to obtain your medication.  

  • Baldwin Building (507-284-8880)
  • Mayo Family Clinic Northeast (507-538-8550)
  • Mayo Family Clinic Northwest (***Temporarily Closed effective May 4***)

Signs and staff will direct patients arriving at pharmacies on the process to follow at that particular location. 

Order prescription refills online

The Mayo Clinic Pharmacy auto-refill telephone line is currently receiving a high number of calls, exceeding our system capacity. To improve service for all patients, Mayo Clinic Pharmacy is asking that all prescription refill orders be placed through the Mayo Clinic Pharmacy website

Mail order prescriptions: Place your online orders to allow for the standard 7-10 business day delivery times. With the current high volume, deliveries are commonly taking 10 days. Please refrain from calling to check on a prescription ordered within 10 days.