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Patient Online Services: New look, new features


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When you log in to Patient Online Services this month, you'll see a few changes: a new look and new features. Check them out!

New look

Several pages have a new look and easier navigation: Billing and Insurance, My Settings (including the Demographics page), My Care Plan, Share My Records and Test Results. 

New features

Online scheduling. You may be familiar with Online Scheduling if you've scheduled an appointment for Mayo Clinic Express Care or a Well-Child visit. Now other online scheduling opportunities are being phased in, starting this month. When a department offers online scheduling, you'll be able to pick a specific date and time for your appointment on the "New Appointment" page. 

Earlier appointment offers. Some departments at Mayo Clinic offer patients a chance to reschedule an appointment to an earlier date and time. When this happens, you'll receive an email or text letting you know you can reschedule. Then go to the Earlier Appointment Offer page and see if you want the new appointment time. 

Estimates. When you ask Mayo Clinic to provide an estimate for an upcoming procedure, you'll be able to get that estimate through Patient Online Services. These estimates will be in the Billing section on the new Estimates page. 

When an estimate is ready to view on Patient Online Services, you'll receive an email or text. Select the link in the notification, which will take you to Patient Online Services, then go to the Billing and Insurance section. Once there, select the Estimates page. 

If you don't have a Patient Online Services account, you'll receive estimates through the mail or secure emails. You can also use this online cost estimator to create your own estimate. 

Tips for using Patient Online Services

Under the Help and Support section, toward the bottom of every page on the web-based portal, you'll find a link to some tips for using Patient Online Services. New tips are added from time to time. 

If you don't already have a Patient Online Services account, you can sign up here