Getting ready for your next appointment: 4 helpful tips



On Saturday, May 5, Mayo Clinic and Employee and Community Health (ECH) will begin using a new medical record and billing system. Please take a few minutes to prepare for your appointment so all will go smoothly. This is new to us, too, and we appreciate your patience as we make this transition. Here's some information that will help you get ready for your visit: 

Before your appointment

  • Create a Patient Online Services account so you can interact with your health care team.
  • Consider using Express Care Online for common conditions.
  • Make sure you review your Patient Appointment Guide and any instructions.

Arriving for your appointment

Your clinic may be busier than usual. Allow enough time to find parking so that you arrive on time for your appointment. Make sure you bring your insurance cards with you. 

While you are here

Allow extra time for your visit; tasks may take staff longer than usual.

Something new

Starting May 5, use eCheck-In on Patient Online Services to complete pre-appointment information. Use the kiosk if there's one available at your appointment desk. You'll find more information about kiosks here. If you have used eCheck-In, scan the barcode. If you haven't used eCheck-In yet, click "start" to begin, then follow the instructions. Of course, you can still check in at the desk, if you prefer. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with your care team or any ECH staff member.