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New system enhances Patient Online Services



For the past few years, Mayo Clinic has been developing a new electronic health record and billing system. Patient Online Services is one area that is being enhanced with the new system, which went live on Saturday, May 5. 

The functions you have been using in Patient Online Services will still be available. You will continue to send and receive secure messages, view your lab and radiology results, read your clinical notes, and request appointments. 

But you will access these features through a very different looking Patient Online Services. In developing this new look, Mayo designers worked with patients like you to ensure that your needs were met. Patients provided feedback and tested Patient Online Services during its development. And these patients gave the new Patient Online Services high marks. 

You can see what the home page of the new Patient Online Services looks like here

There will be new features, too, and you may need to get used to some new ways for accessing information. But we think you'll like the changes. 

Same username and password

One thing won't change. You will continue to use the same username and password that you currently use to log in to Patient Online Services. 

New Mayo Clinic app version

The Mayo Clinic app is also undergoing some changes. A new version (V.4) was released in mid-April. With this version, you will find some new features, including the ability to send attachments with your secure messages. These features went live for Rochester patients on May 5, and the new Mayo Clinic app is available for updating and downloading now

More information

You'll also be seeing some signs around ECH and Mayo Clinic announcing the new medical record and billing system. And you may have seen information on the current Patient Online Services home page or received an email from the Patient Online Services team. 

If you have any questions, feel free to talk with your care team about these changes. They'll be happy to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable with the new Patient Online Services.