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Kasson's evening prenatal care clinic meets patients' needs

2/24/2020 by Jason O'Grady, MD


Last fall, Mayo Family Clinic Kasson began offering evening prenatal care for our Primary Care in Rochester/Kasson prenatal patients. And so far, the response is "thumbs up" for convenience. One patient commented that she loved this later appointment because she and her husband work in opposite directions form each other, and this scheduling gave him the chance to be at the appointment with her. 

Here are the details if you'd like to take advantage of this welcoming, caring and convenient option for your prenatal care: 

  • The clinic runs every Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. The new hours are in addition to current daytime prenatal appointments. 
  • Primary Care in Rochester/Kasson patients are able to schedule follow-up OB appointments at an evening prenatal clinic. 
  • The evening clinic is staffed by three Kasson staff consultants who partner with our first-year residents. 
  • If you're a Primary Care in Rochester/Kasson prenatal patient who receives your primary care at another Primary Care in Rochester/Kasson site, you're eligible to have your prenatal care provided at Kasson for the duration of your pregnancy. 

You can schedule appointments for the evening clinic via Patient Online Services or by calling 507-284-3967

Dr. Jason O'Grady is the medical director of Mayo Family Clinic Kasson. He practices full-spectrum Family Medicine, including obstetrics and office-based procedures.