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Find the fun in your day



Remember when a cardboard box was more than just a box? It was a rocket ship to fly to the moon or a boat to travel across the ocean. Children have an amazing ability to live in the present. Worries, fears and doubts don't inhibit their confidence and creativity. They embrace the situation and find the fun. 

Adults often get caught up in the serious concerns of life and focus solely on work and family commitments. But there's good news. You can sill find the fun by making an intentional effort to keep this in-born skill sharp. Finding the fun in a situation can help you live in the moment and bring deeper meaning to the task at hand. 

Here are some activities for finding the fun and making joy a priority:

Allow yourself to live in the present.

Rather than multitasking during your son's soccer game by creating a grocery list, be fully immersed in the game: the sights, sounds and expressions on people's faces. 

Add enjoyable activities to your to-do list.

Instead of crossing off another chore, add a fun activity for every two mundane tasks. It could be as simple as taking a break to sit outside for 10 minutes, giving yourself time to read a book or asking a friend or colleague to lunch. 

Celebrate everything, big or small.

Has your friend just turned 45, finished training for a new job or run a marathon? Celebrate it!

Embrace the novelty of each situation.

Try to notice the details in the surroundings that you usually take for granted and never think about. When you walk or drive to work, notice the environment and think of something positive like, "I'm going to make it a great day today." If you ride a shuttle bus, put down your phone and visit with your neighbor. 

Look for the silver linings in situation.

You can learn to find the fun by looking for the silver lining in situations. Even the most difficult times offer you something worthwhile. You have the option to look for the positive in these times and embrace them. 

Encourage playfulness and laughter in yourself and others.

Break the epidemic of seriousness by encouraging laughter in yourself and others. Tell your co-workers your favorite funny story, or let that autocorrect "fail" go when texting your family and friends. Encourage and engage in situations that induce laughter and lightheartedness, and the fun will start to find you.