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DAHLC encourages one extra visit a week to Reach 1 Million



The Dan Abraham Health Living Center (DAHLC) is challenging its members this holiday season to reach a combined total of 1 million visits in 2015! To reach this goal, the DAHLC is encouraging members to commit to visiting just one extra time a week.

To keep an eye on Reach 1 Million progress, the DAHLC has two tracks posted at St. Marys and downtown. Each week, the staff will fill them in as member swipes come in. Currently, there are 850,000 visits for 2015 — 150,000 from the goal.

“With 42 days left in 2015, we’re asking our members to step up to the challenge this November and December,” said Beth Riley, director of the DAHLC. “We encourage everyone to continue moving throughout the day, whether it’s dropping by for a group fitness class, walking the track, using the weights or signing up for various programs such as the Turkey Earn & Turkey Burn to get in additional visits.”

And there’s another bonus! Not only does visiting one extra time a week help reach this goal, but it also helps members save money through the incentive program. With 30 or more visits over three months, the payment drops to just $21 per month!

Visit the DAHLC’s downtown location at 565 First Street SW or at St. Marys in the Generose building. If you’d like to become a member or explore wellness options for you, visit the DAHLC website.

“We have the best and most committed members, so we know we can do this!” Riley says.