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Showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination, test results to others



Mayo Clinic patients who have been vaccinated and tested for COVID-19 can use Patient Online Services on the web and through the Mayo Clinic App to share proof of their vaccination and test results. Use the QR code that links to Smart Health Card, a generally recognized digital proof of vaccination.

Smart Health Card will share this information about you, and your vaccination history and test results:

  • Legal name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Vaccination types.
  • Vaccination dates and location.
  • Test dates.
  • Test manufacturer.
  • Test results.

On the web

The easiest way to access proof of vaccination from Patient Online Services on the web is to select "COVID-19 Test Results & Vaccine Records" from the COVID-19 Resources section on the homepage. On the new page, you will see information about COVID-19 vaccinations and test results, as shown on this screenshot: 


From here, you can: 

  • Click the "Download/Export" button. You can then download a PDF that lists your vaccinations, including booster vaccinations. This PDF also has the QR code that organizations can scan to access the Smart Health Card. You can then print, save or email this PDF, or you can export vaccine and test result information to Health Wallet apps already installed on your mobile device.
  • Click the "QR codes" button. These codes can be scanned at participating locations where you want to share your COVID-19 information. You also can scan these codes to various health care apps, such as Apple Health Records on Apple devices and Common Health on Android devices. Search for these apps at your device's App store.
  • Select the downward arrow next to "COVID-19 vaccination complete" or "Tested" to view vaccination or test result information.

On the Mayo Clinic App

Once you've logged in to the Mayo Clinic App as a patient, scroll to the COVID-19 section and tap "COVID-19 Results & Vaccinations." There you'll see the same options that are available on the web:

  • Tap the Download/Export button, and then indicate if you want to download the vaccination PDF or export it to your Health Wallet.
  • Tap the QR codes button to access the QR codes for scanning at locations that need to see your vaccination or test results proof.
  • Tap the downward arrows by "COVID-19 vaccination" or "Tested" to view vaccination or test result information.

A reminders about teens, caregiver accounts

You can use your caregiver accounts to access vaccination and test results for your children 12 and under and for others who may have caregiver accounts, such as spouses or parents. Make sure you have chosen their accounts from the drop-down menu in Patient Online Services and then access the information the same way as you do for your own information.

Patients 13–17 will need to access COVID-19 vaccination and test result information from their own Patient Online Services account. If they need to create an account, they can call Mayo Clinic Customer Assistance weekdays at 877-858-0398 for help with account creation.

To create an account for a patient 13–17, both the minor and the parent or guardian need to be on the phone call. The parent or guardian must be the billing guarantor, which is the person who the minor's billing statements are mailed to, or the insurance subscriber, which is the person who carries the health insurance policy for the minor. This helps verify the identity of the parent or guardian.