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ECH community website consolidates primary care information

11/9/2015 by Dr. Denise Dupras


Welcome to! In February, Mayo Clinic Employee and Community Health (ECH) launched this new community website that consolidates our locations, hours and appointment information in one easy-to-access site. 

The information on the website supports our primary care practices: 

  • Department of Family Medicine
  • Division of Community Pediatric and Adolescent medicine (CPAM)
  • Division of Primary Care Internal Medicine (PCIM)

You can find information about all of our locations, including hours they're open, address and contact numbers for: 

In addition to this basic practice information, the new site features: 

"This site makes it much easier to communicate with our patients. We can provide prevention tips based on local needs and the season," says Dr. Denise Dupras, a consultant in PCIM and physician co-lead for the new site. "For example, we now can alert our community patients about upcoming flu clinics or sports physical clinics."

If you have been to any of our locations lately, you may have noticed posters featuring a bright-red toolbox. Visit our website often and watch the toolbox open to provide you with information for your preventive care needs or acute illnesses/conditions. 

Dr. Denise Dupras is a physician in Employee and Community Health's Division of Primary Care Internal Medicine at Mayo Family Clinic Northwest. She has special interests in web design, social media, patient education and LGBTI (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Intersex) medicine.