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Are your 7th grader's vaccines up to date? 

6/9/2016 by Robert M. Jacobson, MD


If your child is entering 7th grade this fall, school rules require two vaccines:

Also, by 7th grade your Care Team wants your children to have already received the three-dose human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV). This protects them against common cancers that occur in adulthood.

Your school will contact you to ask about your child's vaccines. To get your child's vaccine records, go to Patient Online Services.

If you need to bring your child’s vaccines up to date, it can be done during a simple vaccine-only nurse visit. Use Patient Online Services to contact your Care Team and schedule one today.

Dr. Robert M. Jacobson is a primary care pediatrician in Employee and Community Health's (ECH) Division of Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (CPAM) and is the medical director of the ECH and Southeast Minnesota Region Immunization Program.