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How can I obtain a copy of my own or my child's immunization records?

You can get immunization records in two ways:

  • Log in to Patient Online Services and select “Medical Record and Results » Immunizations.” Then look for the “Print All Immunizations” link.
  • Contact your care team and request a copy.

Important information about immunization records

Immunizations are considered protected health information. Parents of patients age 17 and younger may obtain a copy of their child’s immunization records without a release of information. Patients age 18 and older must request this information themselves or sign a medical release allowing the information to be shared with another person.

Minnesota law permits certain providers caring for a patient to share immunization records without a patient’s consent. These include health care providers, insurers, elementary or secondary schools, child-care facilities and public or private post-secondary educational institutions. These groups may exchange immunization data with one another without the patient’s consent if the person requesting access is providing services for the patient.

Immunization records should not be transmitted via fax or email. All requests for paper immunization records should be picked up at your care team’s office or mailed to your home address.

Authorization forms

Patients over the age of 18 who would like to give their parent or guardian access to their medical records, including immunization records, should fill out the Authorization for Mayo Clinic to Disclose Protected Health Information.

Patients or the parents or guardians of minors should fill out the Authorization to Release Protected Health Informationwhich allows Mayo Clinic to release records to a school or other facility.